360° CCTV Rotational Camera Bulb

(Monitor Everything from Everywhere. Keep your Family & Properties Safe)

Upgrade Your Security Systems Affordably (For Homes, Compound, Warehouse, Church, Shop)


How to Get Started with this 360° CCTV Rotational Camera Bulb (watch video below👇)

Keep your family members, loved ones, properties and workplace safe by using this CCTV camera bulb. Connect to multiple devices. Control it from anywhere you are in the world. Play back footages and trigger in-built alarm when intruders try to gain access.

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Never Worry Again about What is Going on At Home, Office, Store, Church, Shop etc.

Key Features of this Product

 Here are the key features of this rotational CCTV wifi camera security Bulb:

1. HD 1080P Video Clarity
2. Pan & Tilt Options (Pan 360°, Tilt: 90°)
3. 90° Wide angle lens.
4. Motion detection alerts.
5. Full night Vision.
6. Minimum 8GB SD memory storage
7. Remote Playback/Snapshot/Record Option
8. Bulb Shape Design (Easy Installation. No wire or Switch required)
9. Two recording mode (Continuous recording/Motion based recording modes)
10. Camera Application compatible with IOS & Android Smartphones
11. Only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router.
12. No Built-in battery (Camera will require constant power supply)

Happy Customer Unboxing a CCTV Security Camera Parcel after successful Delivery

About This Product


You can install the Camera bulb like you install a normal E27 bulb (110V -220V). No more addition installation is required. After screwing in, open the App to configure the camera within minutes.

Two-Way Communication

The camera has a built in microphone which can be activated via the app to accommodate communicate between a person within the camera’s range of coverage and the app’s user.

Night-Vision & A.I Body Detection

The camera’s high-resolution sensor and image processing technology ensures that the video feed is clear and sharp, even in low-light conditions and at night. It can also function as a baby monitoring device; audio and vision implants.

Compatible with Multiple Platforms

The camera app is compatible with all IOS and Android smartphone. It also supports multiple users viewing at the same time on different smartphones.

360 Degree Horizontal Coverage

There are ZERO side effects for using this Mosquito killer Racket. It is safe, rechargeable, durable and eco-friendly

    Where It Can Be Used

    This rotational 360° CCTV Camera Bulb  be used in any of the forllowing places

    1. Homes
    2. Supermarket
    3. Offices
    4. Church Premesis
    5. Warehouse
    6. Hospital
    7. School premesis and classroom

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