Rechargeable & portable Smoothie Maker

(Prepare Healthy Fruit Smoothies/Milkshake Easily and Fast on the Go…)

Easy to use and carry along on the Go.. Stay healthy.

Why You Need this Product

Research have shown that constant falls on the head are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury in children up to Age 3 ( according to headline magazine)


Note: If your baby fell on their head or hit their head, they might have a concussion,  The worry here is that your baby may have a skull fracture or internal injury, like bleeding in the brain

…and you may never find out on time about this internal injury until it’s already late.

God Forbid!

I am sure you do not want your baby to go through that pain…

Prevention they say is better than cure. You can save yourself all that stress with this simple but effective product

Other Features of This Product

Baby-Friendly Cartoon Design

Comes in Baby-friendly Cartoon Designs, which can serve as a toy for your baby

Shock Absorption & Cushion Effect

It is highly elastic, drop resistant, soft and cushions the effect of a fall without affecting your baby at all.

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