High-Quality Unisex Smartwatch 

(A Multi-Purpose Smartwatch with FREE Airpods)

Multi-purpose Smartwatch with FREE Airpods inside.


This multipurpose smartwatch has several features. They Include:

  • Accessories: The smartwatch box pack contains the Smartwatch, A pair of Bluetooth wireless Airpods, smartwatch charger and strap-band for the smartwatch.
  • Weather reminder
  • Ultra-Long Battery Life: Up to 2-3 days battery Life
  • Bluetooth Call: Make Hands-free calls using your Airpods from smartwatch
  • Blood pressure monitor: Keep an eye on your blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Blood Oxygen Monitor: Monitor your blood oxygen level
  • Sleep Monitor: Better sleep and good sleep habits.
  • Independent Ringtone: Customize your ringtone for notifications.
  • Multifunction Split Screen: Get more done at once
  • Multi-Style Menu: Change menu as you like to fit your taste and style

Benefits You will Enjoy

There are several benefits you will enjoy with this Smartwatch as a woman. They include:

  • Checking Blood Pressure and Heart Rate: This Smartwatch will help you to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure. It will alert you if there are abnormalities to make sure that you are always in good health condition.
  • Blood Oxygen Monitoring: Using the inbuilt sensors, this watch will helps you to monitor your oxygen level in your blood. It will also alert you when your oxygen level is depleting
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connection: Connect once and synchronize your phones, tablets or PCs wirelessly to this watch over a long range. After connection and synchronization, you can accept calls, reject calls and adjust music volume, check weather etc. all from your smartwatch.
  • Bluetooth call and Message Reminder: You will get real time notification reminders of incoming call and messages on your smartwatch
  • Social Media Apps Notification: Get real-time notification from your social media Apps like facebook, twitter, instagram, tiktok, emails etc, on your smartwatch.
  • Sleep Monitoring Sensors: You can Monitor your sleep cycle and get precise interpretation of the sleep phase data, to help you adjust your sleeping habits for higher quality sleep.
  • Inbuilt Calories Data Sensor: Keep Track of Your metabolic rate and calories consumption data. Watch can alert you if you have not been exercising enough.
  • GPS Location Tracker: When synchronized with a location management app on your phone, helps you keep track of your accurate GPS location tracking data.
  • 60+ Sports mode: Train smart with inbuilt sports mode for over 60 types of sports exercises eg. running, skipping, jogging, swimming etc.

    Side Effects

    There are ZERO side effects for using this smartwatch. It is safe, durable and eco-friendly

      How To Get Started with The SmartWatch

      The smartwatch box pack contains the Smartwatch, A pair of Bluetooth wireless Airpods, smartwatch charger and strap-band for the smartwatch. Ffollow the sleps below to correctly install the strap

        Different Strap Colors & FREE Airpods

        The Smartwatch comes in different straps colors to suit your taste and match your style. It is comfortable and also replaceable

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