Electric Vacuum Food Sealer

(Buy 2 Get 1 FREE. Store Perishable Foods to stay Up to 10x Longer)

 Preserve all your Perishable food items up to 10x longer. (Meat, Fish, veggies, fruits etc)

Key Features of this Product

  1. KEEP FRESH AND DELICIOUS: This vacuum food Sealer keeps your food fresh and deliciously preserved. Your food can stay up to 10 times longer than normal without getting spoilt.

2. EASY TO OPERATE: The vacuum food Sealer machine is very easy and straightforward to operate. No hassles whatsoever.

3. MULTIFUNCTIONAL: This product is multifunctional in nature. It cam store various range and variet of food stuff ranging from fresh meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, pepper, cereals etc.

4. SAFETY AND HIGH QUALITY – Safety is our No.1 priority. It is high quality and easily maintainable.

How To Use the Food Vacuum Sealer.

About This Product

Store Perishable Foodstuff Easily

This Food Vacuum perfect and ideal for preserving food items that spoil easily, such as Fish, meat, vegetables, pepper, fruits etc. The vacuum sealer sucks out all the air in it and keeps it air tight.

Maintain Food Freshness

When you seal and store your food items with this vacuum Sealer, your food original fresh taste is maintained because of air tight storage and sealing by this vacuum Sealer.

ZERO Side Effects

The vacuum food sealer has Zero Side effects on food. It is effective and keeps all germs away from your Perishable food in airtight condition.

What can you store with This Product?

  • Fresh Meat
  • Fresh Fish (all types of fish)
  • Grounded or fresh pepper.
  • Grounded Egusi powder.
  • All Green vegetables 
  • Cabbage and Salad ingredients.
  • Fresh Fruits etc.

What is in the Box

  • 1 * Vacuum Sealer Machine
  • 1 * English Manual
  • 1 * power Cable
  • Seal Bags

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