Mosquito Lamp Killer

(Electric Shock Rechargeable Mosquito Killing Lamp)

Rechargeable Mosquito Zapper for Home, Kitchen, Office, Bedroom etc

About this Product

This rechargeable mosquito zapper lamp attracts, traps and kills mosquitoes with electric shock. See features below:

1. Eco-friendly and non-chemical: The Electric indoor zapper uses a non toxic technology to trap insects by the principle of body heat. It is non chemical by design, safe for environment and breathing and can be used  in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, campings, etc

2. Electric Mosquitoes killer; It has 6 ultraviolet rechargeable lamps that traps mosquitoes within a 20-50 square meter distance. Featuring a double trapping and bottom funnel design, it is effective in trapping and killing mosquitoes for a period of days.

3. Rechargeable & Long lasting battery life:  The rechargeable electric mosquito killer can span a period of 2 to 3 days when fully charged, working at it’s maximum capacity.

4. Reduced noise technology: Electric indoor zapper was built in with a triple noise reduction technology to give you a peaceful night sleep.

5. Functions as night lamp: The zapper can as well be used as a security lamp and provides a touch of aesthetics to your rooms and offices especially at night.

6. Small and portable: The lamp is easily mobile, it comes with a USB 2.0 cord which you can connect to an adapter, a power bank or a computer to use at ease and convinence.

Benefits of using this Mosquito Lamp Killer

Question: Do the mosquitoes stick to the grid when killed or do they all fall to the try ?
Answer: Mosquitoes flies usually drop into tray and yes some explode and fly out of the grid onto surfaces nearby.

Question: How do I clean it?
Answer: It comes with a small brush, you just need to use the brush to sweep the mosquitoes.

Question: Does it really kill mosquito and insectes? it is battery or plugin?
Answer: Yes it does and it is very effective. It is micro USB charging and can be used for about 6 hours after charging. Its protable bug zapper.


Side Effects

There are ZERO side effects for using this Mosquito killer lamp. It is safe, rechargeable, durable and eco-friendly

    Where It Can Be Used

    This Rechargeable Mosquito Killing Lamp can be used anywhere mosquitoes and insects can be seen like:

    1. Homes
    2. Hotel rooms
    3. Offices
    4. Children’s Room
    5. Palour/Sitting Room
    6. Outdoor Mini Party
    7. Camping Tent

    This mosquito killing Lamp provides a beautiful glow and al the same time attracts and kills mosquitoes and other kinds of insects

    This Mosquito killer Lamp is Super-Effective

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