Rechargeable Foot Massage Pad

(Massage your foot and Get Relief for All Foot Related Problems)

Experience lasting Relief for your Foot Problems. Relax Your Foot & Increase Blood Flow.

Key Features of this Product

  1. EASY TO CARRY – It is foldable and small. For travel and gym, it can be easily carried around.
  2. 8 MODES – To meet your different massage needs, intelligent simulation artificial massage techniques according to personal preferences and physical stress, can be freely combined.
  3. 19 ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY – foot massager are 19 levels of adjustable intensity directly stimulate the acupuncture points, slow down physical and mental fatigue, improve sleeping.
  4. USB CHARGING – Built-in rechargeable polymer lithium battery, long battery life makes you no trouble in fitness
  5. PEOPLE WHO NEED IT – People who often go to the gym; people who travel long distances; people who often ride bicycles, dance; people who like to wear high heels.

* It is better to use this foot massager 30 minutes after a meal or a bath.

How To Use the Foot Massage Pad

About This Product


This Foot massager will increase blood flow in your feet, and ease every pain as a result of wearing high heels or sore legs/feet, Swollen feet and long standing hours after each long days activity.

Full Body Relaxation Before Sleep

Use the The foot massage pad for some minutes to help you relax your entire body before you sleep. This is very helpful after a long stressful day. It also helps people who have insomnia and difficulty sleeping at night.

ZERO Side Effects

The foot massage Pad has Zero Side effects. It is effective and targets all the full range of the foot for maximum and instant relief to all foot related problems.

Who can Use This Product?

  • Those Experiencing any type of foot problems
  • People who Travel frequently for Long hours (You can use in the bus/Aeroplane)
  • People who Wear High Heels.
  • People who go to Gym often. Use after workouts.
  • People who Ride Bicycles
  • People who dance, hiking etc.

What is in the Box

  • 1 * Foot Massager Pad
  • 1 * English Manual
  • 1 * USB Cable
  • 1 * Sensor controller

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