Rechargeable Period Cramp Massager

(Relief from Mentrual pain and Period cramp)

Say Goodbye to Menstrual pains & cramps. ❌Stop using Drugs. Try this Period cramp massager instead

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How I feared My Period Cycle Due to Painful Menses Until I Did This…

When my period first started as a little girl several years ago, I cried all through

i did not understand what was happeing, and why I was in so much pain

They told me I will get used to it, and that the pain will stop with time but it didn’t

Some months, I could barely move my body or do anything during my period

Some other times, I resorted to drugs and pain killers to numb myself of the pain.

Every. Single. Month. For years

And basically praying for it to be over

This continued until last year when a friend who knows my ordeals introduced me to this product


To be frank with you, the first time I used it, I was SHOCKED.

The massage wasn’t just some weak vibration – it actually reached the deep ache.

Combined with the heat, it was like a wave of relaxation washing over my whole lower half.

Suddenly, that death grip I had on the couch wasn’t necessary. I could breathe. I could move. Heck, I could even laugh (without wincing!).

Listen, you deserve better than white-knuckling your way through your period.

And although this massager isn’t a magic bullet, but it’s pretty darn close.

Now, maybe you cant relate as a woman reading this cos yours is painless (I envy you gurl… *winks*)

Or perhaps you’re a Man (I greet you ODOGWU!)

But perhaps have a sister,..

A wife,

A fiancee / girlfriend

Or A niece / cousin

who’s in the exact situation I was some years ago

Click the button below and Get this product for her

And guess what?

She’ll always remember say “Thank You” every month when she uses it.

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About this Product 

Relief From Period Cramps: This period Massager is tailored to relieve women’s dysmenorrhea, commonly known as period cramps. Built with ultra-thin, non-toxic, skin-friendly material.

Multiwave Heat Technology: It has a multi-wave technology that delivers heating pad that will heat your stomach or lower back, improving blood circulation and relaxing muscles.

Taking the “DIS” out of DISCOMFORT: It targets all the right spots with a powerful heated massage using multi-wave technology. It imitates a kneading massage with heat, that will leave you feeling like heaven.

Long Battery Life: 16hrs battery Life. It’s a Natural alternative. Drug-free with no harmful chemicals or ingredients to worry about.

SIX Vibration Massage Modes: It has 6 Vibration Mode and different adjustable temperature modes 50, 55, and 60 celsius to give you the most comfort to fit your needs.

Fast and Easy USB Charging: It uses USB charging which is more convenient. Doesn’t need to be plugged in to use❌. It’s truly Wireless. No messy wires or separate battery packs.

More Features of The Period Cramp Massager

    – Personalize your massage with 6 heat levels and 6 massage modes.

    – Adjustable belt (57-inch length) flexible to fit all people.

    – Graphene heating chip, rapid heating in 3 seconds.

    – Soft velvet fabric surface makes you comfortable.

    – Portable and rechargeable which is more convenient.

      What others are saying about it


      “I feel a lot better during my period since I started using this machine. I stopped using drugs and I’ve been just fine”

      Doyin from Abuja


      ” This machine is a lifesaver. I never thought menses can be so pain-free. It’s really worth the price 100%”

      Amanda from Lekki


      “This is a lifesaver. I barely feel period cramps when I use this product. I also like it because it’s comfy and easy to carry around”

      Kanyinsola from Abeokuta


      “I got two for my twin daughters and they love it! I recommend this product”

      Eberechi from Portharcourt

      Here’s what You’ll Get 👇

      ✅ 1 Menstrual Period Massager

      ✅ 1 Charging Cord

      ✅ 1 User Manual

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      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.9 / 5.0) Customer Rating


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