Inflatable Comfy Sofa-Chair

(Designed for your Body comfort. Indoor and Outdoor Use)

Easy to set up and take down (Inflate and Deflate). Comes with a Free Pump.

More About this Product

This Inflatable Sofa-chair is ideal for indoor and outdoor comfortable relaxation. It is very easy to set up and can be easily deflated and wrapped up after use.

This inflatable sofa chair comes with a foot rest made of the same material. It is ideal for quick evening relaxation outside house balcony, or for outdoor camping resort as a mobile sofa. 

Some customers prefer to use them in offices as an sofa alternative for break-time office relaxation.


This product is very elegant and durable.

It is made of very high quality polymers that endure different weather conditions and make them last well. The Sofa chairs can be inflated or deflated to create space or to pack it for trips.

Other Features of This Product

Ergonomically Designed

This inflatable sofa chair is ergonomically designed to support your body weight and give you full comfort

Multipurpose Functionality

This product is super-comfortable and can support various body weight for sitting relaxation, and even siesta.

Wide Range Use and Application 

This product can be used in many places for instance, Dormitory room, at home, office space, living room, games room etc.

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FREE GIFT: Manual Hand Pump

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Where can it be used?

  • Suitable for Frequent Travelers who want maximum comfort irrespective of lodge
  • Can be used in Offices and Living Rooms
  • it can also be used in Dormitory Rooms
  • It can be used during outdoor camping

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