Automatic Motion Sensor Toilet Light

(Never Stumble in the dark or Wakeup Fully again due to Bright Toilet Light)

Enter your bathroom in the Middle of The Night without waking up fully or stumbling with this Soft Glow Light that won’t wake you up completely or disturb your partner

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This soft glow toilet light allows you to maintain your sleep when you wake up in the middle of the night to urinate.

Say Goodbye to blinding bright light or stumbling around in pitch darkness to find the toilet seat

The soft glow comes on automatically when it senses movement, helping you to see clearly in darkness without putting on the light

It is extremely useful if you have kids too. Avoids urinating on the ground and on toilet seat, which can be very annoying

About this Item

Motion Activated LED sensor: with this automatic motion sensor, it detects movement even in the night, and automatically turns and stays on for 2 minutes after the last movement detcted.

Ultra Water Resistant & Easily Cleanable: This product is highly WATER RESISTANT and can be easily cleaned using any household cleaner of choice.

Creative Lighting Design: Choose between 8 single colors or color cycles. This toilet Night Lamp makes your toilet beautiful and easy to use at night. You can keep one color or set a color rotation.

Easy Installation: Operated by three AAA batteries (1.5V)(Battery not included), which can be easily replaced. Very durable design.

Intuitive Design: Eeach comes with a soft and flexible PVC neck that can be bent easily to conform to any toilet type, regardless of the shape of the bowl.

See the Toilet Light in Action

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Buy 1, Get 1 FREE

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